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Katakana アウトラン
Developer Sega AM2
Publisher Sega
Designer Yu Suzuki
Composer Hiroshi Miyauchi
Series OutRun
Release date September 20, 1986
Genre Racing
Control Dedicated Cabinet
Orientation Horizontal
CPU 2x 68000
Sound Z80, YM2151, Sega PCM
Display 15kHz

OutRun is a racing game developed by Sega AM2 and published by Sega in 1986. It is the first game in the OutRun series.

Tips and Tricks

  • Fastest route : the fastest route for finishing the game is Right (Devil's Canyon), Left (Snowy Alps), Right (Wheatfield), Right (Autobahn).
  • Instead of just pressing the accelerator all the way when you're about to start, you should instead try to keep the gas in 'the high greens' and just below red. The exact moment the green light goes on you should give it as much gas as possible thereby starting up much faster. Instead of shifting at approx. 170mph you should change gears at about 120 mph to avoid slowdown. This hint earns you approx. 1 second. This trick works every time you have to start from 0 mph but is difficult to time right when you don't have the green light for timing.
  • The second before going off road you can change very quickly to low gear and then high gear again. If done correctly you can drive off the road without any slowdown for about 1-2 seconds. If you time it right you can actually change to low then high again after the 1-2 seconds and not loose ANY speed whatsoever when driving off-road. This way you can keep going 292mph even though you're offroad.
  • Secret credit message:

Sitdown/Upright Revision A: This version works as stated. Just before any checkpoint, hold start (just before the sky is due to cycle to the upcoming level colour) to reveal the message.
Sitdown/Upright Revision B: Activating the egg on this version is more complex. First you will will need to achieve a high score, and enter "YU." as your name, complete with trailing full-stop.[1]




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