P-47 Repair Logs

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Repairer: Paul Swan

BOARD NO: 0123
GAME: P-47
DATE: 1987

SYMPTOM (20/07/96)

No initialization/continous watchdog reset & sound bites.


Using a scope to have a look around the 68K at location 5B indicated that all the address/data/control pins were pulsing normally except D4 on pin 1. Touching the pin with the scope lead stoppped the watchdog timing out and started the background music playing but didn't start the game. Pressing down on pin 1 with the scope lead brought back a full level signal on pin 1, but still didn't start the game. Resoldering the fractured pin 1 and re-flowing all the other pins on the 68K fixed the game completely.

As a side note, I also secured all the JK packages with epoxy resin as they are VERY fragile and easily broken off.