Puzzle Uo Poko

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Puzzle Uo Poko

Promotional Flyer
Katakana 魚ポコ
Developer Cave
Publisher Jaleco
Release date February 1998
Genre Puzzle
Control 8-way Joystick
Orientation Horizontal
Arcade hardware CAVE 1st Generation Hardware
Display 15KHz

Puzzle Uo Poko is a 1998 puzzle game developed by Cave and published by Jaleco. The game title can be translated as "Lots of Fish." Players control cats and can play either single player or cooperative multiplayer. Puzzle Uo Poko received a spiritual sequel in 2005, Puzzle! Mushihimetama.


The objective in Uo Poko is to clear the playfield of multicolored bubbles. Players shoot bubbles one at a time into the playfield. A cluster of three or more bubbles of the same color will cause those bubbles to pop and be removed from the playfield. All bubbles must be removed before the stage will end. Each stage cleared will allow the cats to travel further down to the bottom of the ocean in their submarine. There are a total of 30 stages.

When playing multiplayer, players play cooperatively to clear the playfield. If the two players launch their bubbles at the same time with too much force, it will cause the two bubbles to collide and simply fall into the playfield without reaching their intended target.

If a bubble extends out the top of the playfield, the game is over and the cats drown. As the continue timer ticks down to zero, the dead cats slowly rise to the top of the screen.

The game is played entirely with the joystick. No buttons are used. Players enter their names into the high score table by using the Start button. This is further emphasized in the attract mode, which tells players "All you need is to use the lever" while one of the cats happily plays the game on a Sega Astro City.

Kit Contents

The Puzzle Uo Poko kit contains[1]:

  • PCB
  • Manual A4 (monochrome copy)
  • Instruction Sheet A4
  • Flyer (long)
  • Kitty Paw Joystick Balls
  • Box (Cave / Jaleco w/ "Uo Poko" in Kanji)


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