Run and Gun Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: Dead

A physical inspection turned up 2 gouged traces and bent pins / busted solder joints on 2 surface mount ICs. Fixed the traces, bent pins, and busted solder joints. Board would still not boot. Checked the ROMs on the board. Replaced one bad Mask ROM, one bad EPROM, and erased/reprogrammed a third EPROM to match the code used in replacing the bad program EPROM.

Symptom: Ressurect parts board

A physical inspection turned up patched JAMMA connections, 5 missing ROMs and a missing sound CPU. Fixed the JAMMA connector, burned new EPROMs, and replaced the missing sound CPU. Board would boot but give RAM errors for 27H and 29H and a bad EEPROM error.

RAMs had no address line activity. Noticed one desoldered hole next to the RAMs. Checked the MAME board pics and the board was missing a chip - 74LS244. Replaced the missing chip and the board would boot and pass the RAM diagnostics but still gave an EEPROM error.

Found the reset instructions for Konami boards: power it up with the test switch pressed. This caused the game to reset the EEPROM data which finished the game repair.