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Type Sitdown
Released 1992
Dimensions 980 x 780 x 1473 mm
Wiring MVS
Monitor 33 in (Hitachi CRT/Toei chassis TC-A33IS)
Rotatable no
Weight 146 kg
Power 120 W

The largest of the MVS-U# series cabinets, the Neo 33 was released in 1992. It shares the same design profile of the smaller 29" and 25" cabinets. In fact, control panel height is the same on all cabinets in this model series. Like all MVS-U# series cabs, the monitor IS NOT rotatable. This cabinet came equipped with a TOEI chassis and a 33" Hitachi CRT. A degauss button was added down near the power switch inside main door. Like the smaller cabs, the control panel was designed for use with seimitsu ls-32 joysticks.

Like the 29" and 25" cabs, the Neo 33 came with a single credit LED display as well as an MV-1 memory card reader and stereo headphone jacks. Due to the dimensions and weight of this cabinet, 4 casters were installed on the bottom of the machine, vs just the normal 2 in the back in most candy cabs.

The only difference between the 1,2,4 slot 33" cabinets is different sized marquee header and speaker grilles.

Editors note: Out of all the MVS-U# series cabs, the 33 appears to be the most rare. I am only aware of 2 examples outside of Japan. I have yet to see an actual photo of the 1 slot version. I have seen much confusion regarding identifying the 33" vs the 29" model. A few sites actually show a 29" cab identified as a 33. The most noticeable difference between the cabs is the 33 has a pair of handle cut outs for each side, where as the 29 and 25 only have 1.

You could consider this cab as the Japanese equivalent to the American 6 slot "big red". Due to its width, it will not fit through interior doors in most homes without removing the door frame. On the plus side, you are afforded luxurious 2P elbow room.


Instruction Manual (Japanese)