Sega Aurora

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Sega Aurora
Manufacturer Sega Sammy
Year 2004
Media HDD
CPU Hitachi SH-4 32-bit RISC CPU (300 MHz)
GPU Imagination Technologies Power VR MBX+VGP (150 MHz)
Operating System Embedded Linux 2.6
Sound ADPCM Sound
Resolution 1280x1024

Sega Aurora is a highly integrated hardware platform that Sega Sammy developed to power amusement devices like their pachinko and pachislot machine displays and arcade games. Aurora was also designed to be sublicensed to outside manufacturers who are looking to build multimedia portable and embedded systems. It was introduced in 2004 and is primarily based on an enhanced Sega Dreamcast hardware. The name Aurora derives from a top secret code name that Sega of Japan used during the development of Sega Saturn in the mid 1990s.

Aurora is made of a Renesas System-on-Chip named SH3707 which incorporates the technologies of partner companies that worked on the Dreamcast and related systems. Its CPU core is Renesas SH-4 based technology with FPU clocked at 300 MHz. Its GPU core is a PowerVR MBX accelerator with VGP co-processor running at 150 MHz. On-chip audio and video hardware supply the system with the capability for ADPCM and MPEG1/2/4 respectively.

The Sega Aurora does not use JAMMA or JVS wiring; instead, the controls are directly wired to the board.

Game List

Title Year Notes
Dinosaur King 2005
Thomas The Tank Engine 2006
Beatle DASH! 2008
Marine & Marine 2008

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