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Sega Mushi King, Dinosaur King, Love And Berry Cabinets
Type Child size Stand Up
Released 2003
Dimensions 610 x 452 x 1280, 1690 with banner mm
Wiring JVS, Proprietary
Monitor 14 in 15 kHz (Sanwa 14VC21S)
Rotatable No
Weight 45 kg
Power 103 W

The Sega Mushi King cabinet (also used for Dino King and Love & Berry) was released by Sega in 2003 in Japan followed by a release in Europe and North America shortly after.


These cabinets are specialty cabinets for the Sega Mushi King, Dinosaur King, Love And Berry games and have no official name. These mini cabinets are the latest attempt by sega to appeal to children ages 12 and under using specialty games. The cabinets are generally tailored for arcade card battle games where players face off against each other using bar-code cards dispensed by the machine. Love and Berry was tailored towards girls ages 12 and under and featured game play modes where the player can customize their own playable character with new clothes, makeup etc. All three games had a following amongst children and were marketed with cards, toys and even their own anime show.

The cards feature an RFID security chip that prevented machine owners from simply duplicating trading cards. The RFID chip counts the amount of dispensed cards as they go out. Once cards are depleted, owners must purchase new cards and security chip from sega.

While these cabinets are specifically tailored towards these games however many come in a wide array of hardware combinations. Some Japanese and european models come with traditional Sega Naomi hardware while others come with the cheaper, more condensed Sega Aurora hardware. Some models also come with full JVS conversion boards while the Aurora hardware does not utilize JVS.

While these are not in the same category as some of the more generic candy cabs on the market. These units can be easily converted to mini candy cabinets with ample room for a full sized single player control panel comfortably. These cabinets have garnered their own small following for conversions mainly due to their small size.



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