Sega Mega-Play

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Mega-Play PCB
Manufacturer SEGA
Year 19XX
Media Cartridge
CPU 68000 & Z80
Sound YM2612
Resolution 15k
Wiring Standard JAMMA
Predecessor Sega Mega-Tech

Sega Mega-Play is an arcade system developed by Sega. It is based on Mega Drive/Genesis hardware, and more or less identical.[1] The Mega-Play is JAMMA, and allows 4 cartridges to be plugged in at once.

Megaplay games are specially designed Genesis games, produced for arcade use.

The code of these games has significant modifications when compared to the Genesis releases and in many cases the games are cut-down versions of the games that were released for the home system. For example, Sonic has less zones, and no special stages, thus making it impossible to get all the chaos emeralds. Zones also have a strict timer.

Coins buy you credits on Megaplay games, meaning if you lose all your lives the game is over, like a regular Arcade game.

Like the Megatech the Megaplay boards have an additional Z80 and SMS VDP chip when compared to the standard Genesis hardware. In this case the additional hardware creates a layer which is displayed as an overlay to the game screen. This layer contains basic text such as Insert Coin, and the Megaplay Logo / Instructions during the attract loop.[2]

Games List

Game PCB # Sticker on PCB Sticker on cart
Bio-Hazard Battle 171-6215A 837-9165-06 610-0298-06
Columns 3 171-5834 610-0297-04
Golden Axe 2 - - ???-???-02
Grand Slam 171-5834 837-9165-03 610-0297-03
Mazin Wars 171-6215A 837-9165-11 610-0297-11
Shinobi III 171-6215A 837-9165-09 610-0297-09
Sonic The Hedgehog - - ???-???-01
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 171-6215A 837-9165-07 610-0297-07 MPR-16011
Streets Of Rage II 171-6215A 837-9165-05 610-0297-05
Tecmo World Cup - - ???-???-04