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The Sega Ringwide is an arcade board released by Sega in ???. The Ringwide is PC-based hardware, utilizing an Intel ???, integrated graphics and a Solid State Disk for game storage. It runs at several resolutions selectable by dip switches, including 4:3 640x480 (31khz) and 16:9 1280x768p (768p), depending on the title.

JVS I/O Board Support

The Capcom I/O Converter is known to have compatibility issues with Sega Ring Hardware, including the Ringwide.

  • Sega I/O Board 838-13683-93 (identifies as 838-13683B Ver1.07) has been tested by Arcade Otaku members, and is known to work with no known issues.

Power Supply

Ringwide boards run on the equivalent of a standard ATX power supply, with a custom connector. If you require a PSU and are unable to obtain a official SEGA PSU, you can either purchase the proper connector and wire an ATX PSU to work, or solder an ATX PSU harness directly to the Ringwide's filterboard.


Release Date Developer English Title Japanese Title Genre
 ??? FK Digital Chaos Code カオスコード, Kaosu Kōdo Fighting
 ??? Ecole Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code メルティブラッド アクトレスアゲイン カレントコード Fighting
 ??? SEGA Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing ??? Driving/Racing