Sega Type II IR

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Infrared sensor based technology developed by Sega and still used in modern games since it doesn't require CRTs.


gun sense io / sense board

There are multiple revisions of boards , the denoted by the last 2 digits of the part #

  • 838-13143-01 to 838-13143-03 only works with Jurrasic Park The Lost World ( JPTLW ) since it only supports 12 LED boards.
  • 838-13143-04 and above can be upgraded via eeprom swap.
  • revisions are backward compatible, ie, 838-13143-11 will play everything from JPTLW up to Rambo ( Lindbergh )
  • some newer games may work with older revisions.
  • takes the output from gun sensors and translate them into JVS x/y analog inputs.
  • handles trigger button and forwards it to the JVS digital input connector


POT/switch usage
VR1 unknown, leave centered
VR2 unknown, leave centered
VR3 unknown, leave centered
VR4 X origin offset, gun should read 80 when centered
VR5 Y origin offset, gun should read 80 when centered
SW1 mirrored ( 29"/STD ) or direct ( 50"/DLX ) aiming
SW2 10 ( HOD ) or 12 ( JUL ) LED sensors

CN1 loop 1<->2 : this is to eliminated IR interference from other sources. Useful if you have side by side gun cabinets, or any IR source ( like a light bulb ) reflecting on the screen.

sensor array