Shuuz Repair Logs

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Repairer: channelmaniac

Symptom: Garbage on screen.

A bunch of numbers flashed on the screen repeatedly and the game would reset. It was "stuck in watchdog: with a message at the bottom saying "TOO MANY EETRIES"

Tested the EPROMs and SRAM ICs. Replaced 1 bad SRAM but was still stuck in watchdog.

The MAME .c driver showed the game would initialize the EEPROM as the first thing. Checked the 28C16 with a logic probe. The chip enable, output enable, and read lines were OK. Pulled the chip and tried reading it in my EPROM programmer. Every time it read it gave a different data set out, in other words a different checksum showed on the programmer each time.

Replaced the 28C16 and the game fired right up. Turns out "TOO MANY EETRIES" is an error message on a core dump for the game.