Sigma AV6000

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Sigma AV6000
Dimensions 95 x 200 x 120 mm
Weight 2 kg
Wiring JAMMA
Video Output RGB & S-Video
Controller External Sigma 8000TB (DB15 connectors)



This is where the connector for the proprietary keyed Sigma loom is located. Also it has text that denotes the model and all of the Superguns features except for the +5V adjustment pot.


This is where the (ST/MO), (HD), (RGB), (CBC) and (VIDEO VHF-S) are located

(ST/MO) Stereo / Mono switch

(HD) headphone jack

(RGB) RGB output. (Important Japanese Sigma scart leads are wired to the Japanese standard pinout and not the European standard pinout). The European scart pinout is exactly the same for the AV6000, AV7000, Raijin and the VEGA 9000DX which is sold here.

(CBC) Colour burst correction, adjusts colour hue and intensity which sharpens the image.

(VIDEO VHF-S) AV output

Left hand side

This is where the (JOY1), (JOY2) ports and the (BRIGHT) knob are located.

(JOY1 & JOY2) ports are D15 pin controller ports. This means the AV6000 is a little bit more versatile (out of the box) when it comes to controllers compared to the AV7000. You can use the Sigma 8000TB stick, or any Neo Geo stick or pad (obviously these only have 4 buttons + start & select which are used for P1 and coin) or a PS2>Neo Geo adapter and then use any PS2 stick or pad. Where I believe with the AV7000 you can only use the Sigma 9000TB stick (out of the box). Of course if you have the skills you could hack/ mod a stick for either supergun. I have read that Sigma's sticks are some of the best sticks made for home use but I have not seen either 8000TB or 9000TB sticks in person, let alone used one, but they look almost identical to each other from the photographs I have seen. Remember that they are not interchangeable out of the box due to the connections being different. The only other differences that I can see are that the blue and green buttons are opposite and all eight of the 8000TB buttons look to have an autofire function where as the 9000TB appears to have six buttons that have an autofire function and two buttons that do not.

(BRIGHT) This adjusts the brightness

Right hand side

This is where the (POWER SW), +5V adjusment and the power cord are located.

(POWER SW) on/off power switch, a small red light comes on when the unit is switched on.

(+5V adjustment pot) There is a small hole within the recess is an unmarked white pot which is the +5V adjustment pot

(Power cord) This non detachable, as you would expect this is hard wired in the power supply.


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