Taito Canary

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Taito Canary
Katakana カナリー
Type Sitdown
Released 1991
Dimensions 805 x 660 x 1280 (1710 with marquee) mm
Wiring JAMMA
Monitor 25 in 15/24 kHz (Nanao MS8 or Toei TC-HV25LM)
Rotatable Yes
Weight 95 kg
Power 120 W
Canary was sold with a variety of options from the factory:

- Blue or Green accent body parts
- Round or Square speaker panel
- With or without Rolling (rotate) mechanism
- Nanao MS8-25F or Toei TC-HV25LM monitor
- Control Panel types * **:
a) 1J3Bx2 (3 buttons on right and left sides of 1 joystick)
b) 2J6B
c) mahjong
d) trackball
e) paddle

  • The control panel (plate insert) dimensions are identical to the earlier Taito MM-5 cabinet.

    • There has appeared a compatible factory 2J12B panel, albeit with the MM-5 graphic overlay (e.g. an MM-5 panel). There is no such part number listed in the Canary service manual, and no such 2J12B panel has yet been seen with the Canary graphic overlay. It is possible that Taito intended for this 2J12B "MM-5" panel be used for Canary as well, in lieu of producing two versions.



Service Manual

Control Panel Sticker