The Fairyland Story

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The Fairyland Story

Title screen
Katakana フェアリーランドストーリー
Developer Taito
Publisher Taito
Designer Onijust
Programmer Kazutomo Ishida
Artist Toshiyuki Nishimura, Tetsuroh Kitagawa
Composer Tadashi Kimijima
Release date July 1985
Genre Platformer
Control Joystick, 2 buttons
Orientation Horizontal
CPU Z80 (@ 5.3665 Mhz), M68705 (@ 2 Mhz)
Sound Z80 (@ 4 Mhz), AY8910 (@ 2 Mhz)
Display 15kHz
Pinout Taito Classic Pinout

The Fairyland Story is a platformer developed and published by Taito in July 1985. Thought to be a precursor to 1986's "Bubble Bobble", the player controls Ptolemy, a spell-casting elf on her quest to retrieve the Holy gem, from Drakolisk, an evil purple dragon. During play, the user turns evil wizards, witches and other enemies into cakes and either pushes them from the platform ledges, or shoots then repeatedly to destroy them. The game consists of 101 levels set in a castle.

Cameo appearances in other games

Bubble Symphony / Bubble Memories

Ptolemy appears in Bubble Symphony as a helper character, and in round 57 Bubble Memories as a bonus item.

Space Invaders DX

The second round of Parody Mode in 1993's Space Invaders DX is The Fairyland Story themed.

Don Doko Don

The worm appears as a rarely-seen enemy in 1990's Don Doko Don.

Bubble Bobble

Several of the magical bonuses that appear in Bubble Bobble either are adaptations of, or are directly taken from The Fairyland Story. Ptolemy herself also appears as a bonus in the game. Dark-robed Stoners/Mightas appear as enemies in both Bubble Bobble and The Fairyland Story.

Rainbow Islands

Magical Island, an unlockable eighth island in Rainbow Islands, features enemies and remixed music from The Fairyland Story. In Rainbow Islands Extra Version, the second island is Combat Island with the Magical Island enemies and music.

References to Chack'n Pop

The Taito game designers incorporated several elements from the earlier Taito game, Chack'n Pop. The Stoner/Mighta wizards from Chack'n Pop appear as ghost-like phasing enemies in The Fairyland Story. In addition, Level 37 of The Fairyland Story has an arrangement of platforms that are designed to appear like the Mr. Chack'n character from Chack'n Pop.

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