Tokuro Fujiwara

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Tokuro Fujiwara
Katakana ふじわら とくろう
Kanji 藤原 得郎
AKA Professor F
Arthur King
Born 7th April 1961
Occupation Director
Workplace Konami
Years Active 1982 - Present

Tokuro Fujiwara is a Director and Advisor who previously worked at Konami and Capcom. He joined Konami as a director in 1982, leaving for Capcom in 1984 as they began to develop their first arcade titles. His final arcade title was Strider, before moving to work on console titles.

Arcade games contributed to

Game Year Company Role
Pooyan 1982 Konami Director
Roc 'N Rope 1983 Konami Director
Vulgus 1984 Capcom Director
Pirate Ship Higemaru September 1984 Capcom Director
Ghosts'n Goblins 19 September 1985 Capcom Director
Commando May 1985 Capcom Director
The Speed Rumbler September 1986 Capcom Director
Bionic Commando March 1987 Capcom Director
Tiger Road 1987 Capcom Director
Ghouls 'n Ghosts December 1988 Capcom Director
Strider March 7 1989 Capcom Planning Adviser

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