Toshiba PF D29C451

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High quality trisync monitor confirmed to have been used in Sega Race TV arcade cabinets. A newer version of the Toshiba PF D29C051 with a slightly cleaner design and geometry pots.

Tosh PF D29C451 Overview 1.jpg Tosh PF D29C451 Overview 2.jpg

Geometry Pots

The Toshiba PF D29C451 has a few geometry pots on the chassis that don't exist on the D29C051.

Tosh PF D29C451 Geometry Pots.jpg

  • 31K DPC - Pincushion (31khz)
  • 15K DPC - Pincushion (15khz)
  • 15K T/B - Trapezoid (15khz)
  • 31K T/B - Trapezoid (31khz)
  • PARA - Parallell
  • 15K f0 - H-frequency(15khz)
  • 31K f0 - H-frequency (31khz)

Extended Menus

Extended menus for color adjustments can be found in the same way as on the Toshiba PF D29C051. The geometry menu does not seem to exist on the D29C451. However, most geometry settings can be done with the physical pots on the chassis instead.


The D29C451 has a slightly cleaner design than the D29C051 so it uses a different set of caps.

Tosh PF D29C451 Caps Neck.jpg
Tosh PF D29C451 Caps Chassis.jpg

Neck Board (PD2371-1):

Pieces uF Volt Notes
3 1uF 250V BP! (C213, C225, C219)
3 1uF 200V (C227,C215,C221)
1 47uF 16V (C229)
1 47uF 250V (C228)

Chassis (PE0493):

Pieces uF Volt Notes
1 10uF 50V (C441)
1 22uF 50V (C701)
1 47uF 50V (C440)
6 100uF 16V (C819, C406, C301, C208, C226, CA12)
1 100uF 25V (CA16)
1 100uF 400V (C439)
2 220uF 35V (C809, C313)
5 220uF 16V (C826, C418, C402, C210, C213)
1 220uF 25V (C823)
1 220uF 200V (C438)
1 330uF 16V (C423)
1 330uF 35V (C310)
2 330uF 200V (C814, C815)
1 1000uF 25V (C817)
1 1000uF 35V (C306)
1 1000uF 50V (C816)
1 1000uF 250V Big, snap-in, (C805)
1 2200uF 16V (C818)
1 2200uF 25V (C308)