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Cabinets (they are all projects sadly):

Williams Moon Patrol (project)
NFL Blitz 2k (potential trade for Killer Instinct cab
Mortal Kombat II
Die Hard Arcade (trash can cab)
Capcom Big Blue SF2CE
Capcom Big Blue Q-Sound SFA2
Atomiswave Upright
Midway Universal (MKI Project)
Tekken 5
Neo Geo in HS1 Dynamo cab
MAME Cocktail cab
Sega Astro City (mint condition, but dead monitor)
Numerous Dynamo HS1, HS9, HS5, Z-Backs

Naomi 1 (4x)
Naomi 2
3X Dimm's
4X NetDimm's
MvC2 Cart
CPS3 SF3 3rd Strike (dead for Darksoft Project)
CPS2 - SFA2, Xmen vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, Vampire Saviour (dead for Darksoft Project)
CPS1 - SF2CE (2x), SF2WW (2x), Blood Brothers, UN Squadron
ST-V Die Hard Arcade (for Darksoft Project)
Metal Slug 1, 2, 3
Neo Geo 1 slot
Neo Geo 2 slot
Area 51/Maximum Force
Police Trainer
System 11 - Ergheiz, Tekken 3, Tekken 2
HyperSpin PC