Air Gallet

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Air Gallet

Instruction Sheet
Katakana アクウギャレット
Rōmaji Akuu Garret
Developer Gazelle
Publisher Banpresto
Producer Johan Satoh
Designer Mikio Yamaguchi
Junya Inoue
Kaneyo Oohira
Programmer Mizuiro Honey
Composer Yoshitatsu Sakai
Release date February 1996
Genre Shooter
Control 8-way Joystick, 3 Buttons
Orientation Vertical
Arcade hardware CAVE 1st Generation Hardware
Display 15KHz

Air Gallet (アクウギャレット) is a manic shooter developed by Gazelle and published by Banpresto. Released in February 1996, Air Gallet is the second of three games developed by Gazelle, and the only shooter. Air Gallet is the only original IP from Gazelle. The game is known for the announcer proclaiming "Air Garret (sic) blows your socks off!" at the title screen.


An obviously evil organization calling themselves the Angels of Death have just taken over six major cities across the globe. Tokyo has been compromised, Paris is under siege, and New York is a war zone. Too many innocent lives have been lost. You and your wingman Johnny will take your tricked-out jets and save the world from the Angels of Death.[1]


There are four weapon types:

  • L - Blue L power ups for Shining Laser, a narrow but powerful shot.
  • S - Green S power ups for Hunter Seekers, an option that shoots in three directions.
  • M - Yellow M power ups for Tracing Missile, periodic batches of homing missiles with rapid bursts of forward shooting missiles.
  • F - Red F power ups for Gatling Fire, a spread vulcan shot.

Each weapon has four power levels; power level is increased when the player collects four power up tokens.

Changing weapon type causes weapon power to reset to the lowest power.


There are two bomb types:

  • Green bombs hit everything on screen.
  • Blue bombs shoot an energy ball from your ship straight ahead prior to its explosion.


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