Junya Inoue

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Junya Inoue
Katakana いのうえ じゅんや、
Kanji 井上淳哉
Height 185cm
Blood Type B
Born 18 October 1971
Birthplace Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Character Designer
Workplace Toaplan
Years Active 1991 - Present
Website Official Website

Junya Inoue, also known as Joker JUN, is a Japanese video game artist and manga writer. He was an employee at Toaplan from 1991 until the company's bankruptcy in 1994. He joined Gazelle, and when they went bankrupt in 1997, took a job at Cave, and worked there until 2001 at which point he left to become a freelance artist. He is currently writes and draws the manga Btoom! and works with Cave on their Deathsmiles series.

Games Contributed To

Game Year Company Role
Dogyuun 1992 Toaplan Design
Knuckle Bash 1993 Toaplan
Batsugun 1994 Toaplan Character Design & Illustrations
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 1995 Gazelle
Air Gallet 1996 Gazelle Graphics Designer
DoDonPachi 1998 Cave
ESP Ra.De. 1998 Cave Character Design & Illustrations
Gunwange 1999 Cave Character Design & Illustrations
Progear 2001 Cave Character Design & Illustrations
DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou 2002 Cave Character Design & Illustrations
Deathsmiles 2007 Cave Character Design & Illustrations
Deathsmiles II: Makai no Merry Christmas 2009 Cave

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