ESP Ra.De.

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ESP Ra.De.
Katakana エスプレイド
Rōmaji Esupureido
Developer Cave
Publisher Atlus
Producer Kenichi Takano
Designer Junya Inoue
Programmer Tsuneki Ikeda
Composer Masahiro Kusunoki
Release date 1998
Genre Shooter
Control 8-way Joystick, 3 Buttons
Orientation Vertical
Arcade hardware CAVE 1st Generation Hardware
Sound Yamaha YMZ280B @ 16.9344 MHz
Display 15KHz

ESP Ra.De. (エスプレイド) is a 1998 arcade game developed by Cave and published by Atlus. It is the first non-DonPachi game released by Cave. ESP Ra.De. received spiritual prequels in the form of the Espgaluda series; however, ESP Ra.De. is related to the Espgaluda series only by shared name and programmer Tsuneki Ikeda.


By 2018, Tokyo has reached its maximum extension, therefore falling prey of common problems such as overpopulation and criminality. For this reason, an artificial island, aptly named Tokyo-2, is created just offshore, thanks to the support of the shady "Yaksa" corporation, led by elusive billionaire Garra Ono, whose ties with the modern incarnation of Yakuza have not been proven. Another source of instability is given by the rising number of humans exhibiting extrasensory perception, the so-called ESPers, who are constantly hunted down by the Japanese Police Force. Unknown to everyone, Garra herself is an extremely powerful ESPer, bent on using her influence over the government and military to replace every living being in the city with clones (disturbingly enough, these ESPers take the form of a 10 years old girl, named "Alice" and implied to originate from Garra's own DNA). Just as her plans begin to unfold, three children are forced to take action, each one for his or her own personal motives.

The story takes place in December, during a 24-hour arc; each character has a specific stage which initiates his or her storyline, culminating with the final encounter.[1]

PCB Identification

The Japanese version has the Altus Logo printed next to the JAMMA edge on the board, while the International version does not.


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