Cosmic Smash

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Cosmic Smash

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Katakana ニュージーランドストーリー
Developer Sega Rosso
Publisher Sega
Release date 2000
Media Naomi Cartridge
Control 8-way Joystick, 2 button
Orientation Horizontal
Arcade hardware Sega NAOMI
Level Layout
Cosmic Smash is a 2000 arcade game developed by Sega Rosso for and published in Cartridge format by Sega for the Sega Naomi. It was later ported to Dreamcast for a Japanese release.

Sega Amusements Europe released a Cosmic Smash themed Sega Naomi Universal in 2001.


Smash Tricks

Smash Trick Name Required Action Score Rewarded
COSMIC SEOINAGE No input lever 100,000 pts
I stopped in to smash trick, with the aim easily. Perfect trick aim, of course, also useful if you want the ball anywhere induction. Because the ball slightly to the left induced players hit better than the heart in the right place 狙Itai rice.
COSMIC TORNADO Crouching state 230,000 pts
Lever down while it will jump button Tosha observed motion. Crouching and tricks from the smash hit, while a smash out the back of the field toward the players. Hit afterwards, but the player back to its original position while walking backwards and can not be operated during this period. Therefore, when used outside the finish, then it must be lost ball.
COSMIC SOKUCHU L / COSMIC SOKUCHU R Crouching state, right lever (left) under the diagonal 150,000 pts
We flip side, where the state had a smash hit handstands. The need to prepare for squatting, but also very acrobatic moves, surprisingly easy to use. The ball is right by one character than the player (left) is from the bottom of 打出Sa.
COSMIC FORE / COSMIC BACK The right lever (left) into 120,000 pts
Right (left) twisting the body to smash. Would move to the next hit significantly. Among the sources not used to the slippery ball, the reservoir is a long-Me smash from the start to impact even if you get it, aim to be calm.
COSMIC FROG L / COSMIC FROG R Right (left) are touching the outer wall 190,000 pts
Go to near the outer wall, waiting to go into motion about the players hands on the wall. Trick smash hit here. The player kicked the wall, whilst a smash 横Tsu飛Bi significantly. Smash from the start to reduce the impact, where they work 打出Su larger, somewhat awkward to use. If you right out of the wall, a low ball from the left of center, too
COSMIC KICK FORE / COSMIC KICK BACK Right (left) lever on the diagonal from the state are touching the outer wall 180,000 pts
Smash trick from twisting your body while on the wall to the surface. And smash the wall waiting for the other, unlike the easy to use because there is no movement. If you right out of the wall, aim the ball a little right.
COSMIC YOTARI L / COSMIC YOTARI R Right (left) from the state to touch the lever under the diagonal outer wall 160,000 pts
, Facing the center, while walking to plunge smash. Despite shaky appearance, the ball is near the center 打出Sa, because there\'s not sufficient to impact reservoir Me, easy to use. Also hitting the left or right as the ball slightly below the middle.
COSMIC CROTCH Jumping 150,000 pts
Turned around in the air, hit a smash wide-open groin pull. Smash in the air, but not the habit of easy, low point.
COSMIC JO-WATCH In front somersault 270000 × 20,000 pst + rpm
Put on the lever while jumping, press the jump button again to forward somersault. 打出Su smash here. The site features a very high ball from 打出Sa. Because of the long preparation time, except just after the serve is a little difficult to use.
COSMIC ROLLING During backflip 270000 × 20,000 pst + rpm
Put down a lever while jumping, press the jump button again to do backflip. 打出Su smash here. The vertical location lower than the central direction from the right side is about character 打出Sa than one player standing. Because of the long preparation time, except just after the serve is a little difficult to use.
COSMIC HAMMER Jumping on the lever 190,000 pts
Body parallel to the floor, twisting smash. The land would lie down after failing to beat. I immediately get up, follow-up to the ball but can come back, a little awkward to use.
COSMIC BIG-LEAGUE Jump down in the liver 180,000 pts
From the air, like a overhand smash 打出Su baseball. Flight time is characterized by long, easy to use as having less time. A very high ball.
COSMIC AIR FORE / COSMIC AIR BACK Jump right in the liver (left) 170,000 pts
Right in the air (left) twisting the body to smash. The right lever on the ground (left), but similar to smash into motion, this is just twist your body from side to side without moving. Smash in the air, easy to use.
COSMIC SLANT / COSMIC NEN-BUTSU Go right (left) right from the kick lever wall (left) 230,000 pts
Kick kick with the left wall, right wall, and the motion characteristics vary significantly. Kick right wall (NEN-BUTSU) is to smash the side somersault in the air after the kick the wall. A high ball on the right. Kick the left wall (SLANT) has become a smash after twisting the body wall and kicked the ball from the high 打出Sa center. Since changes in the source side of the ball, be careful.
COSMIC REV-SMASH / COSMIC PRESENT Go right (left) from the kick lever on the right wall (upper left) 250,000 pts
After kicking the wall, then smash the side somersault in the air. If you kick the right wall, the wall kick into the right liver is indistinguishable from COSMIC NEN-BUTSU. A ball kicked from the wall in high places.
COSMIC LEFT ARROW / COSMIC RIGHT ARROW Go right (left) kicks the wall from the lower right lever (bottom left) under 260,000 pts
Kicked the wall, to protrude from near the center, the body is warped smash hit. Smash the wall from the kick, but overall a little awkward, because I want to aim high point aggressively. If you kicked the wall in right, a ball slightly left of center.
COSMIC L-SIDE / COSMIC R-SIDE Right (left) direction backflip 300000 × 20,000 pst + rpm
Press the jump button and then kicked into the wall and do back flip. Smash this state. Including bonuses rotation, most point in a high total smash. Motion for longer prepared Wanshottokuria stage possible, ideally be used when serving.
COSMIC FAKE From ceiling to stick 300,000 pts
I put a lever on the wall near the ceiling kick high position on the lever and jump into the crouching state, a motion about both feet stuck to the ceiling, but for a moment. Smash hit from this state. Features to put a twist on the body parallel to the floor during the smash. Can be difficult to give itself, is not very practical. The point is very high, such as aim at the beginning of time.

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