Sega Naomi Universal

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Sega Naomi Universal
AKA Naomi Uni
Type Upright
Released 1999
Dimensions 968 x 760 x 2030 mm
Wiring JVS
Monitor 29 in 31 kHz (Nanao MS-2932-S or Sanwa 29E31S)
Rotatable Yes
Weight 117 kg

The Sega Naomi Universal was manufactured in both Japan and the UK.

Control Panel

The dimensions of the Control Panel are 630mm x 127mm. The move strip inlays measure 480mmx70mm.


European models were normally shipped with either Sanwa 29E31S or Nanao MS-2932-S. Both monitors are VGA only monitors, not capable of being used with JAMMA games. It is possible to change the electronics on the 29E31S to make it CGA/EGA/VGA capable, but not the Nanao.

Sitdown Conversion

The Naomi Universal can be converted from a standing cabinet to a sitting cabinet by following the Sega Naomi Universal Sitdown Conversion guide.

Power Supply

PSU by Sun (400-5397-1) is very similar to a normal PC ATX power supply. Instead of a receptacle for a power cord, it has 110V AC input through a male 3pin AMP_Universal_Power connector. The PSU cannot operate from 220V AC.

Original fan is a 12V two-wire Yate Loon D80SM-12 80x80x25mm rated 27 CFM, if it's noisy it's a good idea to change it. A nice replacement is the Papst 8412 NGMLE at only 19db, though any 80mm 12V fan should work fine.


Power ratings:

  • 12A @ 3.3V
  • 10A @ 5V
  • 2A @ 12V

PSU Hook Up Wire:

GND,+5V,3.3V,12V UL 1015 / AWM 1015 Hook Up Wire

Original reference :E148000 AWM STYLE 1015 18AWG 105°C 600V VW-1 TEW 105°C 600v FT1 ul-style-1015

Audio amplifier and speakers

Amplifier is powered by 17V AC, speakers are 10cm/4inch and 4ohms. Stereo input is normal RCA connectors, speaker output connectors are 2pin AMP U-P. The actual speakers are standard car stereo speakers, and can easily be upgraded.

Naomi speaker replacement.jpg

Connectors and Pinouts

The non-JVS wiring is done with AMP (later acquired by Tyco) connectors of the type AMP Universal Power. Power to game boards are provided via JST VL connectors, as dictated by the JVS standard.

harness pinout
under the cp connector pinout



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