Monitor Swapping

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Swapping Monitors

To swap a monitor:

  1. Power off the machine and remove the power cord.
  2. Disassemble the required components to access the monitor. If the chassis is not in a frame with the CRT, you will need to discharge the monitor and remove the neck board.
  3. Unplug everything from the monitor.
  4. Unbolt the monitor from the cabinet.
  5. Pull the monitor out from the cabinet.
  6. Double check the depth of the old CRT compared to the new one.
  7. Check the size of the neck board. Some cabinets have restricted enclosures for the tubes.
  8. When reinstalling an especially large monitor make sure you have help and make sure the cabinet cannot move.
  9. Perform the first five steps in reverse to install the new monitor.

Please note: The only time discharging the anode is required is when removing the chassis from the CRT; if you are swapping over a complete monitor it is not strictly necessary.