Mushihimesama (series)

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Mushihimesama is a series of games created by Cave. There are six entries in the series: the original Mushihimesama (2004), Mushihimetama (2005), Mushihimesama Futari (2006), Mushihimesama Bug Panic (2010), Bug Princess (2011), and Bug Princess 2 (2012). The series centers around the Insect Princess, Reco, and her battles against the Koujuu.

Mushihimesama, Mushihimetama, and Mushihimesama Futari were released on the CAVE CV1000 arcade platform. Mushihimesama and Mushihimesama Futari were subsequently ported to home consoles. Mushihimesama Bug Panic, Bug Princess, and Bug Princess 2 are iOS games.