Mushihimesama Futari

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Mushihimesama Futari

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Katakana 虫姫さまふたり
Developer Cave
Publisher AMI
Programmer Tsuneki Ikeda
Composer Manabu Namiki
Series Mushihimesama
Release date 2006-10-27 (1.0)
2006-12-18 (1.5)
2006-12-28 (1.01)
2007-12-20 (Black Label)
Genre Shooter
Control 8-way Joystick, 3 Buttons
Orientation Vertical
Arcade hardware CAVE CV1000
Display 15KHz

Mushihimesama Futari is a manic shooter developed by Cave and released on 27 October 2006. It is the direct sequel to Mushihimesama and the second game in the Mushihimesama series. The title is a play on words; futari in Japanese means two when counting people.

Kit Contents

Mushihimesama Futari ver 1.0/1.5 kit contains[1]:

  • PCB (wrapped in a blue baggie w/ pink bubblewrap)
  • PCB feet
  • Instructions (monochrome)
  • Instruction Strip (thin glossy paper - no sticker backing)
  • A4 Marquee
  • Two version 1.5 stickers (ver 1.5 only)
  • Mini-POP (ver 1.5 only)
  • Letter from Cave detailing ver 1.5 (only given to those who upgraded from 1.0 to 1.5 through Cave)
  • Instruction sheet from Cave telling you where to place the 1.5 stickers, with a postcard sheet on the bottom (only given to those who upgraded from 1.0 to 1.5 through Cave)
  • POP
  • Poster (three types:Arcade, Arcade w/ no text, Instruction Card design)
  • Box (new style)



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