Sammy Atomiswave SD

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Sammy Atomiswave SD
Katakana アトミスウェイブSD
AKA AWSD, Atomiswave Sitdown
Type Sitdown
Released 2003
Dimensions 903 x 750 x 1450 (1765 including Marquee) mm
Wiring JAMMA/Half JVS
Monitor 29 in 15/24/31 kHz (Wei-Ya M3192D)
Rotatable Yes
Weight 102 kg
Power Supply Wei-Ya P-271


This cab features a Tri-sync monitor so it can be used for 31K NAOMI and Atomiswave operation. It uses a JVS power supply that supplies 3.3v as well as 5v and 12v. It is mainly JAMMA with some JVS functionality, but in order to use a NAOMI, a JVS IO converter such as the Capcom or Sega IO is required. It features a VGA connector for connecting a JVS board to already.

The default control panel is a 1L6B with a custom memory card reader, used for some Atomiswave games. The control panel housing is compatible with Taito Egret 2, Egret 3, and also Sega Astro/Blast/Naomi Panels. These are commonly seen fitted with a 2L12B Egret 3 panel for two player functionality.

The cabinet can be upgraded with a sound amp easily as it is wired with the necessary 12v and speaker connections for a Taito Stereo Amp.

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