Taito Stereo Amp

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Stereo amplifier. Direct fitting to Taito Egret 3 and Sammy Atomiswave SD cabinets.

Has a JST VH (B2PS-VH) connector for power and JST NH (BS 6P-SHF-1AA) connector for speaker output, with 2 phono connections for audio in.

Taito Stereo Amp AWSD E3.jpg

Installation in Taito Egret II

Taito Stereo Amp Egret 2.jpg

To connect the amplifier to a Taito Egret II requires a small modification to the cabinet wiring. Obtain a 6 pin JST NH female connector and move the pins from the Egret's 4 pin F connector as shown - colours Black, Green, Red, Yellow. Using a 2 pin JST VH female connector, wire up +12V DC from the cabinet PSU to pin 1, but do not wire the a PSU ground to pin 2 (this eliminates the ground hum/noise that is present when both are connected). The cabinet can then be switched to stereo and audio is sourced from the amp.

If using Capcom CPS2 boards set to stereo you should blank off the standard JAMMA speaker connections (pins 10 and L) as these output mono at the same time, and the Egret has this connected to the left stereo channel. Not doing this will give distorted stereo sound.