Sega System 18

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Sega System 18
Manufacturer SEGA
Year 1989
CPU 68000
Sound Z80
Resolution 15k
Predecessor Sega System 24
Successor Sega System 32

A JAMMA compatible arcade platform by Sega, derived from their System 16 PCB.

Game List

Title Release Date Notes
Alien Storm 1990
Bloxeed 1990
Clutch Hitter 1991
D.D. Crew 1991
Desert Breaker 1992
Laser Ghost 1990
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 1990
Shadow Dancer 1989
Where's Wally! 1992

Suicide battery

Please refer to the FD1094 and FD1089 suicide battery page for more information on this issue.

Buyer Warning

System 18 conversions are possible. Get a close up photo of the ROM board if possible - 2 or so replaced EPROMs is normal for a resurrected board, but if the entire set of EPROMs have been replaced, be wary.

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