Sega System 24

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Sega System 24
Manufacturer Sega
Year March 1998
Media Floppy Disk or ROM board
CPU 2x 68000
Sound YM2151
Resolution 24KHz
Wiring Standard System 16 or JAMMA
Predecessor Sega System 16
Successor Sega System 18

The Sega System 24 is an arcade board released by Sega in March 1998. Originally, games came on floppy disk, and later games shipped with a matching security chip to prevent piracy. In 1992, Sega abandoned the floppy disk format and shipped games on ROM boards.

Early revisions of the board use the Sega System 16 Pinout, while later builds use JAMMA pinout. System 24 requires a medium resolution (24KHz) monitor to play.

Backing up Disks

To backup a disk, hold the service button down, and then switch on the machine. It will then prompt you in how to back it up.[1]

Game List

Title Release Date Media Security Chip Notes
Bonanza Bros 1990 Floppy and ROM No
Crack Down 1989 Floppy Yes
Dynamic Country Club 1991 Floppy Yes Special control panel required for play.
Dynamic Country Club (ROM Ver) 1991 ROM No Special control panel required for play.
Gain Ground 1988 Floppy Yes
Hot Rod 1988 Floppy No The 3 player revision is known as "Hot Rod Turbo"
Super Masters Golf 1989 Floppy Yes Special control panel required for play.
Quiz Ghost Hunter 1994 ROM No
Quiz Magical Brain 1996 ROM No
Quiz Mekurumeku Story 1993 ROM No
Quiz Rouka ni Tattenasai 1996 ROM No
Quiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita 1991 Floppy Yes
Rough Racer 1990 Floppy Yes Special control panel required for play.
Scramble Spirits 1988 Floppy Some The first revision did not use a security chip, but the later versions did.
Tokoro San no MahMahjan 1992 ROM No
Tokoro San no MahMahjan 2 1994 ROM No