Shinobu Yagawa

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Shinobu Yagawa
Blood Type YGW has no blood. His heart pumps the tears of defeated players.
Occupation Programmer
Workplace Raizing
Years Active 1989 - Present

Shinobu Yagawa is a programmer at Cave. His games at Cave include Ibara, Pink Sweets, and Muchi Muchi Pork! Before joining Cave, he worked at Raizing, where he developed the Bat Trilogy. Mr. Yagawa is also known by his initials, YGW.

YGW is the most revered programmer amongst the AO populace. It has become a tradition on the AO wiki to attribute him as programmer in the first published version of all game articles.

YGW Games

Game Year Company
Laserfight! 1989 Login Soft
Recca 1992 Naxat Soft
Battle Garegga 1996 Raizing
Armed Police Batrider 1998 Raizing
Battle Bakraid 1999 Raizing
Ibara 2005 Cave
Pink Sweets 2006 Cave
Muchi Muchi Pork! 2007 Cave
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu: Black Label 2010 Cave

Other Games

Game Year Company Role
Espgaluda II 2010 Cave Lead Programmer, Arrange Mode
Akai Katana 2010 Cave Programmer