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Katakana ボードマスター
Released 1996
Dimensions 210 x 650 x 100 mm
Weight 9 kg
Wiring JAMMA
Video Output Composite, S-Video, RGB
Controller Built-in
Controller Layout 2L12B
Sticks Sanwa/Seimitsu
Buttons Sanwa

Often mistaken as a Sega product, this supergun is indeed unofficial, made by a company named Board A (see manual).

Two versions exist: the first one only has one rapid fire switch per player (one for all buttons) while the second has got six per player (one per button).

The rapid fire buttons are the only to distinguish the first version from the latter, since the customer can choose between an Astro City and a Blast City control panels when ordering. As such, even though the second version is commonly dubbed "New Type Blast City", the manufacturer never officially used that name.

The PSU is a Sanwa SWN-7F arcade PSU. It only accepts 110V input and can't be switched to 220V. -5V is wired.

The video converter board is a custom one, made especially for the Boardmaster.

Sound wise, the Boardmaster boasts two speaker, although it doesn't offer stereo.

When bought new, the video cables are not included and must be purchased separately. The Boardmaster can also be bought without any JAMMA harness, or with either a JAMMA harness with or without an included voltmeter. The manual is of course provided with all purchases.



Japanese (original): Media:Boardmaster_manual.pdf

Japanese (remastered): Media:Boardmaster_JP.pdf

English (remastered): Media:Boardmaster_EN.pdf

French (remastered): Media:Boardmaster_FR.pdf